Crossover Radio is radio with a purpose. Discussions are made involving theology, politics, sports, and much more by men and women who are Christian: pastors, teachers, professionals (even our own Coach!), and every day men and women who have experience and insights into particular areas of life. We also have shows that focus on music as well! Crossover Radio delivers fun, fresh, and clean talk content from Christ-filled individuals regarding everything from elections to game days to Biblical discussions. If it is part of our every day lives and what people are talking about, we want to be an outlet that people can use to get commentary on those things and ultimately to know that what is delivered is from the heart of someone seeking Christ. We invite believers and non-believers alike to listen in and let us know your thoughts and questions. After all, what is talk radio without everyone talking? So whether you want to listen in to the topics of the day or tune into the music that we play, we invite you to be a part of radio with a purpose!

Purpose / Vision
Crossover Radio seeks to provide meaningful conversations and music through a Christian worldview. The list of topics we cover range from theology to politics to sports and every day life / current events. The music we play is varied from worship, to hip hop, to rock, to indie, and so much more. We hope you will join with us in the conversations and music and that you will contribute to the discussion. With numerous outlets to participate (social media, text, phone, and more), this allows our listeners to be a part of the discussion. Reach out to us